Best Dedicated Servers

We sell dedicated servers for all types of applications and server software.  These applications may include CPanel, Plesk, VOIP servers and much more. Our servers are affordable for business and web hosting re-sellers.  We encourage you to browse our best dedicated servers to see what we have available.

We guarantee 99.9% up time and provide technical support 24X7 through our support web site. We host our servers in reliable data centers.  Our data centers have UPS backup systems with huge diesel generators. We have servers available in multiple data centers throughout the United States. 

Our best dedicated servers are available with multiple web hosting control panels.  For server customers who do not need a web hosting control panel, we have other software available such as Internet radio, VOIP and much more.

Each of our servers comes with an UN-metered 100Mbps of bandwidth or 1Gbps bandwidth.  For customers who need 1Gbps of bandwidth please let us know and we can provide the bandwidth.

To inquire about purchasing a dedicated server please call us at (909)608-0159, fill out our contact form or use our pre-sales trouble ticketing system on our support site.

Our Best Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers For Rental w/ Xeon E3-1230v2 Processor

$224 Per Month


- 3.2GHz / 3.6GHz turbo - 1 processors
- 4 Cores / 8 threads
- 32GB DDR3 RAM   
- 500GB SSD Hard Drive
- 1gbit 100Mbit 95%Transfer
- Linux/Windows* OS
- 5 usable IPv4 Address
- /64 IPv6 Address Block**


Best Dedicated Server Hosting w/ Dual Xeon 5650 Processors

$255 Per Month


- 12 Cores / 24 threads
- 2.66GHz / 3.06GHz Turbo
- 120GB SSD + 3TB SATA
- 1gbit 100Mbit 95%Transfer
- Linux OS
- 5 usable IPv4 Address
- /64 IPv6 Address Block**


Fast Dedicated Server Xeon E5-2620 2.0 Ghz

$280 Per Month

- 2 GHz / 2.5GHz Turbo
- 6 Cores/ 12 Threads
- 1TB SATA Hard Drive
- 100Mbit Unmetered Transfer
- Linux/Windows* OS
- 5 usable IPv4 Address
- /64 IPv6 Address Block

Dedicated Web Server Hosting w/ Intel Xeon X3450 2.66 Ghz (8 log cores) Processor

$250 Per Month


- CPU: Intel Xeon X3450 2.66 Ghz (8 log cores)
- RAM: 8 GB DDRIII 1333 ECC Memory
- HD: 500 GB SATA Hard Drives
- BW: 100 Mbps UN-metered Bandwidth
- IP: /64 5 IP Addresses