Dedicated Server Prices Starting at $50

AAGT Hosting is a professional company.  Our servers are hosted on a Linux platform.  Linux is the most widely used OS for Internet servers.  Each server comes bare bones (with only the OS installed).  Software can be installed for web servers, VOIP, storage and much more.  By default we host our servers in a data center located in the United States.


Dedicated Server - Our servers are affordable and start at just $50 a month.  Browse our online store.

Do you own a web hosting or VOIP company. Inquire about what AAGT Hosting can do for you.

Our data centers are dedicated to providing servers for companies in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Each of our data centers has diesel generators and UPS backup systems that are capable of powering a small city.  In the case that we have a power outage our backup systems automatically take over so we have no down time.  We guarantee 99.9% up time.

To contact us about ordering a server please feel free to call (909)608-0159 or submit a trouble ticket on our support site.