Powerful Dedicated Server Prices Starting at $50

Powerful Dedicated Server - Our servers are affordable and start at just $50 a month.  Browse our online store.

Do you need to rent a server for your business. Inquire about what AAGT Hosting can do for you.

AAGT Hosting is a company dedicated to hosting physical servers. Most of our servers are Linux. By default we host our servers in a data center located in the United States.  For customers who need a server overseas, we have data center locations in Europe and Asia.

Our data centers are dedicated to providing powerful dedicated servers for companies.  Each of our data centers has diesel generators and UPS backup systems that are capable of powering a small city.  In the case that we have a power outage our backup systems automatically take over.  

To contact us please feel free to call (909)608-0159. Submit a trouble ticket on our support site for questions about server requirements.  We offer sales support for potential customers.