Dedicated Storage Servers

AAGT Hosting is dedicated storage server provider.  We provide high quality storage servers for all types of purposes.  Our storage servers come with a Linux operating system.  For businesses who need a Windows storage server, we have several Windows Server operating systems available.  To inquire about a Windows operating system please fill out our contact form.

There are many uses for a storage server.  Keep reading for the possible uses of a storage server.

File Servers For Office Use

Most businesses have a server they use to store files.  We offer a hosted solution for your office file server.  These storage server work well for companies who have a lot of files they need to store.  They can be networked with multiple office locations.  Many different types of files can be stored such as word documents, pictures and much more.

Dedicated Servers For Backup Storage

Quite often companies need to store backups of their files.  Our storage servers a perfect for backup storage.  These backup servers can be used in several ways such as uploading files using a samba or ftp file server.  It is important to keep backups of your important documents.  Browse our dedicated storage servers category in our online store to find out what options we have available.

Web Hosting and Internet Server Storage

Some web hosting companies use storage servers to store the data in their cloud.  For higher volume networks this is a good way to spread the load that web servers have out across multiple servers.

To find out more about renting a dedicated storage server please feel free to fill out our contact form or inquire using our support site by submitting a trouble ticket.